All schools in the United Kingdom aim to deliver a liberal education to their pupils. Such an education is characterised by several typical features – breadth of curriculum; a commitment to open debate and discussion; recognising that there are a number of competing worldviews and interpretations of the past, many (but not all) of which are equally valid; respect for differing views and religious beliefs; encouragement of independent thought and so on. 自2014年以来,这些价值观被政府定义为英国价值观. 有关英国教育部门关于英国价值观指导的更多信息, 请查看这份文件的末尾.

Above: The School Birthday, an occasion where the school comes together across the generations.


At Woodford, 电竞竞猜已经通过精神层面推广了英国价值观的核心方面, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) work that is integrated throughout every year group. We recognise that such development is most successful when those values and attitudes are promoted by all the staff and provide a model of behaviour for pupils.  正如电竞竞猜的核心价值观所述,电竞竞猜努力使女孩成为:

  • 在思想和信仰上独立
  • 体贴和善良
  • 尊重其他个人和文化的差异
  • 随时准备承担作为多个社区成员的责任

作为一个学校社区, 电竞竞猜珍视并庆祝这个国家的多元文化遗产, 这在很大程度上反映在电竞竞猜的学生和工作人员的组成上.   除此之外,电竞竞猜珍视成为英国的一部分. In general terms this means that we celebrate British traditions in the course of the year, for example, 丰收节, Remembrance Day, Easter, 同时也要确保这些庆祝活动具有包容性.

In addition, 通过学校的校风和制度, 英国的价值观在以下方面得到了强化:


电竞竞猜有一个定期开会的学校委员会.  学校理事会, 哪个是民主选举产生的, 是学生提出问题的机会吗, organise events and activities for the school and put forward their suggestions for new initiatives.  Through all areas of the curriculum pupils are taught the importance of listening to others and their viewpoint. We also promote the work of the Redbridge Youth Council and nearly every year one of our students is elected to this body; we have the highest percentage turnout for this election of all schools in the Borough. 每次英国大选,电竞竞猜都会进行影子选举. This exposes all girls to differing political viewpoints and all have the chance to vote in a process that mirrors, 尽可能地接近, 在真正的选举中投票是如何运作的.


The rule of law

Schools are a microcosm of society and for all societies to function properly the people who live within them have to understand and follow their rules and norms. 法律的重要性, 无论是统治阶级的人, the school, or the country, 因此电竞竞猜一直在加强.  学院积分系统奖励学生, 在其他的事情, good work, helpfulness, 对学校社区的贡献和努力程度. Equally, the consistency shown in dealing with negative behaviour ensures that all children learn the importance of laws (and equality before the law), 不仅在学校里,而且在社区和国家里. Our referral system allocates penalty points according to the severity of the misdemeanor, thereby reinforcing the link between actions and consequences and thus fostering a sense of personal responsibility.

Above: David Cameron visits the school to congratulate us on our high levels of participation in the National Citizens Service.


Making the right choices and being responsible for them are important principles at Woodford.  All pupils are encouraged to be independent in making the choice that is right for them.  电竞竞猜积极鼓励学生做出明智的选择, 知道他们在一个安全的,有支持的环境中. We provide boundaries for pupils to do this, thus empowering them to make good decisions.  这包括理解如何通过PSHCE和电子安全会议保持安全. 鼓励学生去了解, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms; equality of opportunity is central to their ability to exercise these rights.

Above: Part of one of the resources we use in PSHCE to tackle the problem of Fake News.

Mutual respect

相互尊重是电竞竞猜作为一所学校的核心目标. Students at Woodford learn that their behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others. Listening to others and behaving as we would want others to behave towards us are important features of everyday school life. 几年来,电竞竞猜一直在促进平等, involving both teachers and staff in discussing and shaping our approach to this important issue. 这方面的工作正在进行中.



At Woodford, we actively promote diversity through our celebrations of different faiths and cultures. 学校集会, Religious Education lessons and PSHCE lessons reinforce messages of respect for others. Members of different faiths and religions are invited in to speak in class and both staff and students are encouraged to explain their faith’s ideas and beliefs at whole school assemblies. 在电竞竞猜的不同时期, 学生们参观对不同宗教信仰都很重要的礼拜场所. The school has a prayer room which is reserved for quiet prayer and contemplation and is available to pupils of all faiths.


British history

通过研究英国历史, pupils are taught to understand the different periods in our history in a chronological order. 这样做的目的之一就是展示英国是如何成为现在这个国家的, 鼓励学生为电竞竞猜的历史成就感到骄傲, but also to investigate critically and objectively more controversial aspects of our past



电竞竞猜鼓励电竞竞猜的学生参与和支持好的事业和慈善事业. This promotes global responsibility by raising awareness of the plight of large numbers of people both at home and overseas who are much less fortunate than ourselves and who deserve our support. The school and its pupils and staff support a range of charities each year to underline and reinforce this value in the school. Girls at Woodford are extremely proactive in promoting and fundraising for charities. 每个众议院提名一个慈善机构,并在一年内为其筹集资金, and we have a number of other events which raise funds for the neighbouring children’s hospice, Haven House. In addition there are a number of ad hoc events during the year which raise funds for specific causes, 比如应对自然灾害


All staff at Woodford strive to ensure that our pupils leave with the strongest foundation of values upon which to build a successful life and make a positive contribution to our society.

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